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Microline offers highly specialised, versatile "turnkey" systems for every type of product sector:

  • complete conveyor, collation and top- or side-loading case packing lines;
  • complete conveyor, collation, shrink-wrap, flow-wrap and palletising lines for the Tissue sector.
  • complete conveyor, collation, bundling, case packing (secondary packaging) and palletising lines for the Food and Cotton product sectors and other markets;

Case packing, shrink-wrappers and bundler machines occupy a primary role in the broad Microline range.

Our Case Packers have drawn an enthusiastic response in various sectors, including those of tissue, food and cotton products.

These machines are divided into two different types:

  •     Flow chart - ROM Case packer
    horizontal (side-loading) case packers (ROM),
    suitable for large-sized cases of products which have a defined shape and are stackable;
  • Flow chart - RVM Case packer
    vertical (top-loading) case packers (RVM),
    with a high output speed, suitable for products that are regularly or irregularly shaped, soft or hard (grains, pasta, biscuits, coffee pods ...) and are not stackable.

 The MICROLINE range of case packers features the following types:

The Shrink Wrappers and Bundlers have enjoyed considerable success in the tissue sector, for rolls in particular.  
They are machines designed for primary packaging with the use of POE, LDPE or HDPE film.

In this sector, Microline was the first company to develop a three-roll wrapping system without any film scraps and without the use of glue to apply the internal label.

For this type of machine MICROLINE offers the following models:

Shrink-wrappers occupy an equally important role.


Microline boasts a complete range of shrink-wrapping and bundling machines suitable for packaging food products, beverages, cosmetics, tissue products and others.

The models offered, to be selected according to product packaging needs, differ in the type of infeed:

MICROLINE also produces various motor-driven belt, resin chain- or roller conveyor systems for handling loose, multi-packed (with film) or in-case products.

We also offer vertical lifting/lowering systems or vertical accumulators for products in boxes.

To complete its end-of-line offerings, MICROLINE offers different types of palletisers which can be combined with the entire range of machines we manufacture, namely:

  • Palletiser robotone pick – one place
  • Palletiser robotone pick – two places
  • Palletiser robottwo picks – two places
  • Palletiser robottwo picks – three places