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Technology corner: precision technology for a perfect seal

Fast Wrap 1250 is a continuous-motion bundler for AFH paper rolls commonly used in industrial settings. It is designed to arrange, collate and bag an extensive size range. The machine features a continuous-flow packaging cycle, which allows the pitch to be optimised according to the cutting and sealing length. Operation is based on the same principle adopted by other Microline wrappers that are already a firm market favourite: wrapping is achieved by shaping the film around the prearranged rolls. Then the edges are joined and sealed at the top of the bag. Front and rear sealing is performed by a hot bar self-centring system (box-motion cycle) that seals and separates the bundles. The machine's mechanism is perfectly synchronised and a cutting-edge electronic cam drive system makes for optimal energy consumption. Fast Wrap 1250 is also a highly automated unit: most of the size change operations are handled.