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Technology corner: Microline’s recipe for saving at the wrapping stage: no waste and minimum film overlap

AL80 and FAST WRAP1250 spearhead Microline’s production range for paper roll packaging. The machines offer a continuous operating cycle, which ensures higher performance, lower energy consumption and better efficiency for optimum management of different product sizes. Wrapping lies at the heart of the packaging operation and this is one of the stages to which Microline’s designers have devoted most attention. During this stage, AL 80 and FAST WRAP1250 save about 25% more wrapping material than other machines used on the market due to minimal film overlapping. The complete absence of waste also ensures a continuous working cycle. Both machines offer perfectly synchronised movements and an electronic cam drive system. These factors optimise energy consumption and reduce downtimes due to size changes. Microline machines ensure a saving of approximately 30% on the internal packaging and heat-shrink cycle compared to other packaging systems commonly used on the market. All this is kinder on the environment and means savings for the customer.