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Microline case packers: precision and flexibility using packaging machine technology

Microline offers a full portfolio of products for secondary packaging. These offer the same technology and attention to detail that customers have come to expect from our primary packaging machinery, with the added advantage that our case packers and palletisers can be adapted to a vast range of products. So we can offer solutions for the tissue industry, the company’s flagship sector, as well as for the cosmetics and food industry. Our products are designed to be cutting edge, but are also sustainable and long-lasting. The company’s product range includes side-loading case packers (ROM), specifically designed to form stackable products of defined shape, and top-loading case packers (RVM) that are used for high-speed production of non-stackable, soft or hard, regular- and irregular-shaped products (containing products such as cereals, pasta, biscuits, coffee pods and so on).