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Technology corner: product focus, beginning with the feed system

Numerous factors have contributed to the market success of the AL80. This roll packaging unit is an ideal blend of strength and performance. Its packaging material requirements have been cut by using very fine film and a packaging process without any waste trimmings. Like all units designed by Microline, the machine construction is modular and can be adapted to work with different types of feeding systems. The AL 80 also offers full compatibility with all Microline units for handling dedicated tissue products, such as stackers and upenders in addition to switching devices such as dividers and adding units. The feed stage requires precise and gentle handling of the product, to ensure that it is not marked or scored in any way. Given the delicacy of the product, this part of the process is crucial for avoiding production waste. The AL 80 is also extremely flexible, offering the option of working with different types of product, from individual items to 1x2 and 1x3 configurations. The handling capacity varies according to roll configuration and diameter. It can be as much as 210 rolls per minute.