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Microline, end-of-line: the palletisers

Numerous domestic and international manufacturers acknowledge Microline’s excellent design skills, build quality and ability to innovate, holding in high regard its range of automated machinery, including secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions. The hallmark technology and attention to detail of its primary packaging machinery are to be found once again with the added advantage that case packer and palletiser design makes them suitable for a vast range of products. So not only solutions for the tissue sector, the company’s flagship, but also the cosmetic and food industry, designed to be cutting edge, but at the same time sustainable and long-lasting.   

Microline palletisers

The company can also offer the customer a comprehensive end-of-line management solution, assessing all requirements relating to product type and output speed. Palletisers are utilised that can be paired with both case packers and shrink wrappers/bundlers. These have a portal or semi-portal frame based on interpolated Cartesian coordinates with four degrees of freedom.  

The packed product (bundle, bag or box) travels along a motorised conveyor from the packaging machine to the palletising area. Here, depending on the model selected and collation type, a gripper picks up one or more bags/boxes for positioning on the pallet according to the required configuration. After completing either manual or automatic positioning of the product on the pallet, the latter is transferred to the storage area.

The machines can handle up to 3 incoming product lines and the same number of pallet stations.

Finally, the “standard” model can be fitted with a set of optionals for fully-automated processing, e.g. semi-automatic or automatic pallet change and special collators. Turning to the gripper systems utilised, the most common are: mechanical pick & place (standard) and vacuum pick & place (optional).