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Microline, end-of-line: the case packers

Numerous domestic and international manufacturers acknowledge Microline’s excellent design skills, build quality and ability to innovate, holding in high regard its range of automated machinery, including secondary packaging and end-of-line solutions. The hallmark technology and attention to detail of its primary packaging machinery are to be found once again with the added advantage that case packer and palletiser design makes them suitable for a vast range of products. So not only solutions for the tissue sector, the company’s flagship, but also the cosmetic and food industry, designed to be cutting edge, but at the same time sustainable and long-lasting.   

Microline case packers

Microline automatic case packers are used in various sectors: from tissue and food to cosmetics, disposables and personal hygiene. The company’s product range includes both side-loading case packers (ROM), specifically designed to form stackable products of defined shape, and top-loading case packers (RVM) that are instead used for high-speed production of non-stackable, soft or hard, regular- and irregular-shaped products (containing products such as cereals, pasta, biscuits, coffee pods, etc.).

These machines are designed to erect and fill slotted cases, i.e. pre-glued blanks of both the RSC or shelf-ready type, in an entirely automated manner.

Both models are available in different versions depending on size of the cases to be processed (min. 200 mm × 150 mm × 80 mm, max. 800 mm × 600 mm × 650 mm), type of product the case contains and required output speed. Hot-melt-glue or adhesive-tape sealing systems are available or a combination of both. 

Depending on customer requirements, various optionals can enhance the capabilities of each machine, including an additional blank magazine or case erectors.