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Fast Wrap 1250 is the new Microline bundler designed for the Tissue sector. It is a continuous-motion flow wrapper for AFH paper rolls (industrial use) designed to arrange, collate and bag an extensive size range.
The company’s aim with this new multi-pack bundler is to provide customers with version 2.0 of its existing range of bundlers, ensuring improved performance and even greater flexibility.
Production speed is the first feature in which Microline decided to invest time and research: indeed, Fast Wrap 1250 can pack 25 bags per minute without compromising the eventual quality of the products contained therein and the packaging’s appearance. Operation is based on the same principle as the other Microline wrappers that are already a firm market favourite: wrapping is achieved by placing the film around the prearranged rolls, joining and subsequently sealing the edges at the top of the bag. Front and rear sealing is performed by a hot bar self-centring system (box-motion cycle) that separates the bundles.
One of the main benefits of the new Fast Wrap 1250 is the extensive size range available with the possibility of performing most size changeovers direct from the control panel. A feature than makes the machine extremely flexible and readily adaptable to the requirements of a very large customer base.
Upon request, the machine can process neutral, neutral with stepper-type label insertion or preprinted film.
In line with the company philosophy for every Microline-developed design, Fast Wrap also carries out the packaging process without producing packaging material waste or trimmings, thus avoiding downtime for waste removal, disposal costs and unnecessary wastage of the packaging material. Microline corporate philosophy also enjoys additional benefits by cutting energy running costs and reducing the quantity of packaging material utilised compared to its competitors by between 10% and 30%.  
A faster, but at the same time versatile, bundler providing a response to the tissue sector’s increasing production needs without forsaking Microline technology‘s trademark quality and reliability.