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MRA remote assistance system, Microline’s step towards Industry 4.0

Optimising production line operation is no longer a problem for Microline customers who can now benefit from an innovative remote assistance system available as an optional for its machinery. This technology has been developed so that the company can communicate with a customer in need of support and assistance; a convenient and practical solution that can save both time and money. When required, Microline’s specialist staff can identify the problem in real time and provide suitable instructions to enable it to be solved in record time. With a simple Internet connection, a VPN connection is established between the MRA unit and Microline server, enabling use of the remote assistance system delivering on-demand communication with the company. A Microline specialist staff member can therefore intervene directly without actually visiting the customer’s premises, instead allowing technology to take him there virtually in order to provide assistance.

The company has therefore taken a further step towards Industry 4.0, ensuring that its clients have a fast and efficient service capable of solving a problem with just one click.