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In 2020, Microline celebrates its 20th anniversary. A climb towards Industry 4.0 featuring the technology, professional skills and teamwork that have earned the company an outstanding reputation in the Tissue sector.
Thanks to the invaluable assistance of suppliers, consultants and technical/sales partners, Microline is now able to meet the needs of the paper industry and consumer goods businesses, offering them machinery of increasingly higher performance able to adapt to a wide range of requirements.
Functionality and reliability are the cornerstones of the company that over time has managed to transform a meeting with the customer into an opportunity for constructive discussion in order to develop professionally and design new solutions.
Microline would like to thank everyone who has contributed to its growth over the years and is now looking to the future. Over the next few years, the challenge of environmental sustainability is going to be crucial and Microline’s commitment is firmly focused on rationalisation of energy consumption and waste minimisation. Packaging machines will become greener and greener, but without sacrificing efficiency and functionality. The Tissue sector will be an open book for the company from Bologna that has won the trust of its customers, even during the years of the economic crisis, by making the most of the experience and resourcefulness of its staff who are always looking to design new technology to put to the test.