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The right technology at the right cost

No one likes spending more than necessary. Not only does this apply to each and every one of us, from our everyday needs to more consistent expenses, it is also true of large companies faced with setting up a new manufacturing system. Although cost-saving is a major driver when purchasing a machine, it would be wrong to think it ends with this phase. As a matter of fact, manufacturers carefully analyse the entire lifecycle, in order to understand where and how to optimise costs. And once again in this case Microline has proved its worth as an effective partner. In actual fact, in addition to offering technological solutions at the right cost, it possesses systems able to allow customers tangible savings. One example is the film-folder device available for the AL80, a machine for packaging rolls intended for the Tissue sector. This system makes it possible to carry out the film folding operation directly on the machine, which brings savings by avoiding the need for expensive pre-folded films. Remaining on the subject of materials, Microline solutions for the Tissue industry allow approximately 30% savings on trimmings compared to its competitors.