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From reducing trimmings to eco-films: Microline aims for all-round sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, Microline is committed to playing a frontline role. This is why we manufacture machines that do not produce trimmings, resulting in material savings of between 20% and 30% compared to our competitors and optimised energy consumption. At the same time, we firmly believe in the use of new environmentally-sustainable materials. Over the past couple of years, our research activities have included a series of tests aimed at verifying the handling and performance of environmentally-friendly packaging films. The aim is to test their performance under production conditions, in order to establish their machinability. Once again, we are working in partnership with other businesses, particularly leaders in the development of biofilms and compostable products that are not harmful to the environment. So far, all the results have been much more encouraging than expected: when tested for the packing and overpacking of different product ranges, including individual AFH-type rolls and bundled bags of coffee, the “eco” films proved to be perfectly compatible with Microline’s machinery range, with performance on a par with the equivalent plastic products in terms of mechanical strength, pack quality and the performance obtained. It was not necessary to make any hardware changes to the Microline machines, which therefore only require a simple change of parameter settings on the HMI panel to be able to use the compostable films. This paves the way for the massive use of this type of film in the consumer packaged goods sector, and that of Tissue products for consumer or industrial use, and many more besides. Increasingly deeper knowledge of materials and their behaviour enriches the company’s know-how and can be an important aspect to be shared with customers.