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Microline gives substance to sustainability

For Microline, sustainability is a substantial and essential value. When designing its solutions, the Bologna-based company always takes into account energy efficiency and wrapping material savings, increasingly important aspects for Tissue sector manufacturers that, in turn, have to inform consumers of the environmental impacts of their product. One of the latest wrappers to be launched on the market, Fast Wrap 1250, was produced with the intention of avoiding wrapping material waste and permitting cost and raw material savings. To achieve these results, Microline invests a great deal in the research and development of new solutions: important partnerships have been established with wrapping film manufacturers in order to study alternatives to traditional plastic materials and develop environmentally-friendly solutions. The studies and testing carried out on the machines have allowed the Bolognese manufacturer to process new concepts that not only take into account the properties of the materials, but also aspects like machinability and the mechanical strength of the final pack. Research and development activities that start with concrete case studies and then make it possible to talk about sustainability in a well-informed manner, enabling the right choice to be made according to needs and product type.