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Warehouse and parts customized to meet requirements

The capacity to keep stock and have essential parts available when necessary has become more essential and decisive than ever before. Difficulties in procuring resources rapidly has urged many businesses to reorganise their warehouses, taking into account the current emergency. Well aware of what the market needs, Microline provides its customers with a consultancy service, advising them which parts to purchase and keep in their warehouses for use when needed. The company offers competitively-priced packages customised to suit the needs of those who purchase its machines, by studying production records and supply times together. Even for the most complex lines and systems, the company suggests a kit of strategic parts to be kept in the warehouse for use in the event of an emergency. At the current time, choosing if and when to order a spare part is not as straight-forward as it might seem: this is why support from the machine manufacturer can be decisive for greater efficiency.