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Close to the customer, even when far away

In an increasingly competitive and interconnected market, in addition to the quality and reliability of the solutions offered, it is necessary to guarantee fast and efficient support that allows communication and modification of the machines, including remotely. During this difficult period in which the worldwide pandemic has greatly reduced freedom of movement like never before, remote after-sales support has proved vital for Microline and its customers. Indeed, besides handling all stages of the order, the company provides a competent direct sales service of spares and complete maintenance packages that utilise the very latest sophisticated hardware and software tools to ensure constant contact with the customer, including remotely. Incidentally, Microline was one of the first to invest in protocols that allow machine parameters to be modified remotely, starting with remote assistance via modem in 2005. In 2013, the company then created the MRA (Microline Remote Assistance) system that can be optionally implemented in all machines and is based on the very latest TCP/IP protocols granting access to components such as PLC, controllers, inverters, safety modules, drives and control panels. Today, contact with the customer takes place over a simple, but secure, connection: a hotline through which any request can be dealt with in real time.