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Microline: A solution for the tissue industry to the crisis caused by raw material shortages and rising energy bills

The complete shutdown of businesses in 2020 caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has gradually led to raw material shortages and rising energy costs. So, in these unprecedented times, companies desperately need sustainable solutions capable of saving available resources, whilst avoiding unnecessary wastage. Microline’s new AFH roll bundler is the ideal solution: ECO Wrap allows you to save on the wrapping material used during the bundling process and reduce energy consumption. Indeed, besides reducing waste or trimmings, thus avoiding disposal costs, the bundler creates high-quality, tightly-wrapped bags that do not necessarily require use of a heat-shrink tunnel. Microline has always been committed to developing versatile, but at the same time efficient, solutions and its machines are the best solution for the Tissue industry that takes a careful, conservative approach to environmental issues.