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The simplicity and effectiveness of ECO WRAP 1050: Microline’s winning combination

Developed to meet Tissue industry requirements, ECO WRAP 1050 is one of the latest additions to the Microline range of versatile, user-friendly bundlers. ECO Wrap is a bundler capable of using various types of plastic film as the wrapping material, thus avoiding wastage of materials and energy. Developed as a multi-platform frame, with a few simple adjustments, it can be adapted to handle products such as AFH rolls or folded products. The bundling process is simple, but effective: after leaving the cutting or flow-wrapping area, the products are fed along a system of conveyors, collated and placed inside the machine using a system that arranges them according to the requested collation pattern. They are then inserted in the lifting unit for stacking, where required, and placed in the bag. The bag is then closed during the next stage. This is done by cutting the film crosswise and folding the edges inside the bag. With output of up to 6 bags per minute, this solution can be installed and set up very quickly (single unit with integrated control panel), thus improving the efficiency of the entire production process.