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FAST WRAP 1250, efficiency at the service of the tissue market

Fast Wrap 1250 is one of the latest continuous-motion multi-pack bundlers for AFH paper rolls that Microline has developed to meet the Tissue industry’s need for flexibility and sustainability. With output of 25 bundles per minute, the machine guarantees an end product of exceptional quality, an extensive range of collation patterns and lower energy and packaging material consumption. In the FAST WRAP 1250, wrapping involves placing the film around the prearranged rolls, joining and subsequently sealing the edges at the top of the bag, thus avoiding packaging material waste or trimmings. Front and rear sealing is performed by a hot bar self-centring system (box-motion cycle) that separates the bags and two servo-controlled positive movements that fold the front and rear flaps. The bundle can be customised with a label either positioned internally or glued to the outside. This solution expands the Microline range comprising flexible, sturdy, compact machines designed to meet the wide variety of tissue packaging requirements, whilst never compromising on quality.