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ML shrink wrappers facilitate product handling and distribution 

ML shrink wrappers are sturdy, flexible machines designed for packing products of different shapes and sizes in groups using two rolls of film (one upper and one lower). The machine uses heat-sealable and heat-shrinkable polyethylene plastic film (LDPE) to form a heat-shrinkable bundle. This remains partially open at the sides, though a sealed pack can also be obtained by using extra film. If required, the machine can glue a label inside the bundle.

The thing that sets Microline apart in designing and customising these solutions is its focus on saving resources: the packaging process takes place without any left-over material, thus reducing waste as well as costs. 

The aim is to make it easier to handle and distribute products of this type while ensuring they stay intact. Because every step of the process is essential, Microline also produces an extensive range of motor-driven belt, resin chain- or roller conveyor systems for handling loose, multi-packed (with film) or in-case products. We also offer vertical lifting/lowering systems or vertical accumulators for products in boxes.