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Microline flow wrappers, sustainable and efficient solutions

FLOW WRAP and FAST WRAP flow wrappers stand out among Microline’s already superlative range for their efficiency and reliability. These machines are designed for the horizontal packaging of products grouped in bags. These two models create fully closed bags containing the desired product configurations, using heat-sealable or heat-shrinkable polythene plastic film (LDPE or MDPE) as wrapping material. When required, the machines can work with pre-printed film and a tunnel can then be used to heat-shrink the pack.

These efficient, reliable solutions are also sustainable because they avoid unnecessary waste. The wrapping process does not generate any wrapping material scraps or rejects, which cuts out disposal costs and reduces the amount of raw material required. A further advantage for customers is that the cost impact of wrapping material is reduced by up to 30% per individual pack.