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Microline at Tissue World: exclusive know-how at the American market's service

This coming 16th to 18th March Miami will be hosting Tissue World 2022. With more than 200 exhibitors expected, the American trade show promises to be a flagship post-pandemic event, especially for the North and South American market. A stage upon which Microline intends to play a leading role, encouraged by its growing reputation in the Tissue sector that allows it to meet the entire needs of businesses of different types and sizes. 


Two American market debutants: FAST WRAP 1250 and ECO WRAP 1050
The new products being launched to coincide with the show include FAST WRAP 1250 and ECO WRAP 1050: The FAST WRAP 1250 is a high-speed multi-packing flow wrapper designed to arrange, collate and place industrial AFH-type paper rolls in bags. ECO WRAP is a horizontal bundler providing an extensive range of product collation patterns, thus making it ideal for bundling pre-wrapped industrial paper rolls and individually-wrapped folded products. They are both designed to meet the specific needs of the Tissue market.


FAST WRAP 1250: a combination of flexibility and performance
The first model is designed to meet the requirements of companies needing to wrap rolls with a high-quality overpack, whilst at the same time processing different product types at medium or medium-high speed. Indeed, FAST WRAP 1250 can pack up to 25 bags per minute, whilst handling an extensive range of collation patterns. The machine is extremely flexible and lets you customise the bundle with a glued internal label. This waste-free wrapping system means that the FAST WRAP 1250 uses less film than other currently-available flow wrappers.


ECO WRAP 1050: low speed, high quality
On the other hand, ECO WRAP is designed to meet the need for a low-speed unit whose key features are reliability and low running costs. ECO WRAP combines exceptional sturdinesslower maintenance requirements and careful design of every single component. The machine is designed to bundle AFH rolls or a broad spectrum of folded products using plastic film and can use a wide range of packaging materials. The packaging process does not generate any wrapping material scraps or rejects, which cuts out disposal costs and allows a significant saving of wrapping material.


Efficiency behind the name 
The ECO WRAP 1050 does not merely save packaging material, it also allows energy saving: the flow wrapper creates high quality bags that are tight-fitting and do not necessarily require the use of a shrink tunnel. Lastly, the one-piece design allows fast commissioning of the machine, which can be very quickly installed. It can also be rapidly configured for start-up. This avoids prolonged line stoppages and improves production efficiency.


Choosing a cheaper option does not mean compromising on quality
In addition to FAST WRAP 1250 and ECO WRAP 1050, Microline offers a complete range of conveyor systems, collators, primary packaging solutions and end-of-line palletisers. Microline’s solutions are particularly suited to the North and South American market that attaches great importance to packaging quality, but is just as eager to obtain tangible material and energy savings. These machines also offer lower running costs, reducing the quantity of packaging material utilised compared to its competitors by between 10% and 30%.  


Discover the Microline range at Tissue World this coming 16th to 18th March at booth E31