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Dear Customers / Suppliers,

due to the protraction of the Covid-19 emergency, we have implemented the extraordinary measures rightly dictated by the Government with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22/03/2020, containing the new indications to deal with the ongoing health emergency.

Following these new provisions, we are forced to suspend production until April 3, 2020, unless otherwise indicated.

For all the activities / tasks that involve the staff and physically must be carried out in the company, we are forced to postpone the deliveries of the material / orders of the amount of time in which we will have to remain on stand-by.

For all administrative activities, technical assistance, spare parts and commercial requests, we will be able to give you support since we have organized ourselves with smart working.

Here are the references for each of your requests:

Administrative - info@microlinesrl.it - ​​Ms Silvia Baldoni;

Technical Assistance - bignami.giulio@microlinesrl.it - ​​Ing. Giulio Bignami;

Spare Parts Requests - acquisitions@microlinesrl.it - ​​Ms. Sara Lipparini;

Commercial requests - sales@microlinesrl.it - ​​Mr. Alessandro Berselli.

Waiting confidently for a quick resolution of the situation, and thanking you in advance for your understanding, we are Wishing you a Goodbye soon.